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How much is nso birth certificate delivery

how much is nso birth certificate delivery

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Years ago, it would have been such a painstaking task to fall in line at NSO (National Statistics Office) in order to get a copy of your birth certificate here in the Philippines. Fortunately, with the influx of new technology and the evolution of the internet, it seems that the NSO has finally adapted these technologies into their system. Now, one can easily order their birth certificates online and it is a breeze.

I’m a graduating 4th year college student and inorder for me to graduate I need my birth certificate. And with all the schedules and the projects being done, I won’t be able to find thetime to travel and fall in line just to get my birth certificate. So I opted for the online transaction which could be done in this website: Once you visit the website, it’s pretty easy to read what you need to do because there’s a graphic image just in the middle of the webpage which says, “Online web chat available. Talk to us today.”

Once you click on that link, it would tell you to choose which certificate you need and you would choose from the following: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, certificate of no marriage, and inquiry. Once you choose the ‘birth certificate option’ you.
  • would be ask a series of questions

    (besides asking for your basic personal information) which would have options from which you could choose your answers from such as the purpose of your certificate request, your previous application for the birth certificate, if the person requesting has registered a delayed birth registration, etc. Once all questions and fields are satisfied, an chatroom loads and you can order a birth certificate from the agent you’re chatting with. I find it really easy and very convenient for me. While chatting, I could see a info of my birth certificate beside the chatroom and I could see if the agent is doing

    something to it or not. There are various payment options but I opt for paying the amount via Metrobank. According to the agent, delivery takes about 2-3 days. The agent will tell you the reference number you need. All other instructions for payments can be read within the website.

    I guess the only downside to it for me is that it costs more than twice the original price for falling in line and waiting for your birth certificate, which is around PHP170.00 (US$4.00). An online request for one copy costs PHP330.00 (US$8). But I think the extra payment is worth it. I’d rather pay more than fall in line for hours. how much is nso birth certificate delivery

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