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Why Is OBGYN Malpractice Insurance Required?

OBGYN physicians are generally at a greater risk of committing medical malpractice than other physicians. This is because the nature of the job holds you to a high standard of care.

Recent studies have shown that nine out of ten OB/Gyn physicians in the U.S. have been sued for medical malpractice as a result of neglecting the correct procedure during a diagnosis, thereby leading to loss of life. In most cases, however, many of these medical practitioners are not entirely to blame because they are required to weigh the best option to take and they have to do this within a limited amount of time. Yet they are only human, thus they make mistakes.

Dealing with the reproductive system of a woman, a fetus or simply an infant can be demanding, and a slight error can lead to a permanent physical damage of a mother, a child or both. This can be extremely devastating, which is why obgyn malpractice insurance is required. In the event a lawsuit is brought against you as an OB/Gyn physician, you can be covered for legal costs and damages, if any.

Malpractice insurance for OB/GYN is simply aimed at giving you protection and peace of mind. Again, this is a high risk profession whereby a physician can be sued for such things as cancer misdiagnosis, menopause, pap smears, biopsies, etc. You will be required to assume

liability when it comes to paying a claimant, and if you are not insured, getting the money can be huge challenge.

Whether you are a medical assistant or simply a student on externship, getting an obgyn malpractice insurance would be a wise move to ensure you are protected. You might be covered under your employer’s policy, but that does not mean you will not be liable for your own negligence, and you could end up paying part or even the claimant’s entire award.

Purchasing reliable malpractice insurance for obgyn is highly beneficial due to the high-risk nature of your practice and the demanding expectations created by patients.

If you’re seeking for medical malpractice insurance. we can help you find the best possible rate while ensuring that you are fully covered. Don’t let the high cost of insurance prevent you from doing work that you love.

Are you looking for a secure obgyn malpractice insurance policy? Contact us now for a quote and see how much money you can save.

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