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Cheapest birth control pill. Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo

how much is ortho tri cyclen lo without insurance

I've been on Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo for almost 2 years now. I just graduated college and do not have any health insurance. It was costing me $15 a month with my parents insurance but once this pack I just started runs out, that is it. I think it's something like $47 at the pharmacy I've been going to without any insurance.

Anyone run into the same problem, ever? Any suggestions on possibilities of where I can get the pill for the cheapest without any insurance? Does Planned Parenthood prescribe BC without an exam? I am not due for a pap smear until June. I could very likely still get a script from my doctor, but if so I'm trying to find my cheapest options for continuing to stay on the pill because I prefer it much much more than just using condoms.

Anyone have any advice? I heard of where you can get 3 packs for $47, but how valid is that?

Help! Thanks!

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Hey i have the same problem, and only get payed $8 ph, so i understand the need to find cheep bc. If you go

to planned parenthood, they will have you fill out papers, and one of the questions is how much you make, depending on how much you make is how much they charge. I have to pay 15 for my pills so thats affordable. I usualy pick up 2 packs for $20 the first couple months they were okay w/o giving me an exam. I think since you dont need one yet you should be fine. Planned parenthood is great! Also, you dont need to, but everyone there is a volenteer so when ever i have alittle extra money i give it to them.

planned parenthood offers free birth control

$47 isn't horrible I actually had to pay $75 for mine at one time because my insurance didn't cover birth control. I would have to go with the girls on this one and say that the planned parenthood is the best way to go otherwise cut back on some other things to pay the higher price.

Yeah, you can go to Planned Parenthood or the local free clinic and they can give you a great discount, if not free birth control.

It might depend on your income though. Either way, it's probably cheaper.

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