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How much is the insurance on pitbulls

how much is pitbull insurance

so uh my parents are thinking about getting me a Pitbull, and don`t worry, I`ve done my research and work at an animal shelter and am getting to know the dog I want, know all I need to know is how much is the insurance on Pitbulls and what insurance company provides the insurance on them?

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SOme insurance companies will drop you if you get any type of banned breed, pitt bull included. despite the negative breed stigma, the pit bull is a relativelty good dog. The breeding can be a little tricky, since aggressive traits are bred into the dog on purpose, however, not all of the genes are turned on in each dog. Certain types of dogs such as akitas, chows, presa canario, still have relatively small gene pools, where the aggresive traits are still predominate. It does not mean the dogs are bad, but breeding should be more widespread and not so much inbred. different topic entirely, but finding insurance is hard.

also most apartment complexes/ condos and hosing communitys actually ban about the same 5 breeds: pitt bull ( american /staffordshite terrier), chow chow, Rottweiler, american bulldog, wolf hybrids. Sometimes akitas, dobermans and other large dogs are included. Some apartmens have actually banned Great Danes, not due to size, but supposidly are extremely aggressive. It just goes to show the generallack of knowledge about breds ande temperment

If you do get a pit, do your research, meet the parents, ask questions and get bloodlines. THis wil not guarantee a non-agressive dog, but the training and enviroment you provide has a lot to do with the general disposition the dog takes on. Just a note about adopted pitts- most come from abusive homes and cannot be trusted. an act of agressin can come out of no where with any dog, except is more deadly with a dog as powerful as a pit. Their jaws are designed to catch and hold, not to mention tear. So even a " fright bite" can be deadly to a small child or another dog.

I honeslty would contact an animal behaviorist if you find a dog you are interested in, time allowing. The dogs in

shelters need homes regardless, but I hope you use all avaliable resources

Good luck!

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I beg to differ, slightly. While I agree that rates might go up, you need to be careful. If something does happen on your property, you need to make sure that it will be covered.

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Your parents should consult their homeowner's insurance. Sometimes that will cover what they think are vicious dogs. I applaud you for your decision and hope that you will adopt one from a shelter. So many are euthanized now. And please spay/neuter. A responsible dog owner spays/neuters their pet.

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well see, xblondtroublex, she is small-like some of the smaller ones you see yeah well she is like that and apparently had a broken jaw and it was left untreated for a very long time and she cant open it all the way and can get a tennis ball but she`s doent seem to be in any sort of pain thank God! but anyhow `bout the tennis ball, that`s bout all she can fit in her mouth. my dogis NEVER agressive with other dogs and for some reason every time she is around pits or other dogs that come around that have been in a shelter she`s like an angel but when around other dog that come from breeders and have been adopted through breeders she doesnt seem to like them but she doesnt show agression either so yeah lol weird and I know some wont believe me but I swear its true lol weird, but true

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State Farm (at least in Montana) doesn't even ask what breed of dog you own. but there are other insurance companies that don't ask, either. the key is. Don't call and ask the company who insures your home. find out via the internet or word of mouth. Homeowners Insurance Comp, keep track of inquires. who asked what. just the inquiry can raise the annual rate, no kidding.

Start by finding out who insures homes in your state (not all insurance companies insure homes in every state). then start snooping around the net to see what their dog policies are.

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