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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

how much is public liability insurance

If you run a business where you come into contact with members of the public then it is generally recommended that you take out public liability insurance cover. It can help protect you and your business against third party claims.

But what is public liability insurance? What does it cover? And how do you go about getting cheap public liability insurance quotes?

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance cover protects you and your business against claims from third parties who have suffered damage to themselves or their property because of your business. This could be personal injury or damage to their belongings.

It can cover everything from someone slipping on a wet floor in your shop to a roof tile falling from your premises onto a client's car in your car park.

It can also cover more serious accidents such as a construction accident or severe injuries to members of the public.

Essentially you need a public liability insurance policy for protection against costly compensation claims for injury or damage to property.

If you come into contact with members of the public (including customers) either at their premises or yours, or provide them with products and services you should consider obtaining a public liability insurance quote.

How to compare public liability insurance UK

You have two options if you are considering taking out public liability insurance cover.

Firstly, you can take out a specific policy purely for this purpose. Alternatively, you can include it when you take out a more general business insurance policy.

You may find that the public liability insurance cost is lower if you incorporate it within a general business insurance

policy alongside employer's liability insurance, buildings and contents cover and professional indemnity insurance.

With lots of different policies in the market, it is always worth comparing cheap public liability insurance quotes in order to find the most appropriate cover.

When you compare public liability insurance quotes it's important to research both the benefits and price of cover.

One thing to bear in mind when comparing cheap public liability insurance quotes is to take into account the quality of the cover as well as the price. Cheap cover may be false economy if it won't pay out when you make a claim.

Ideally you want to find value for money business cover that meets the needs of your business while minimising cost.

Other business liability insurance

Employers' liability insurance

If you employ any staff, employers' liability insurance is compulsory for your business.

It protects you from any compensation claims your employees make if they are injured or fall ill at work. The policy will pay out to cover your legal costs and any compensation you need to pay.

Product liability insurance

If any products your company produces caused injury to a customer or damage to their property, you could be liable for their costs and have to pay compensation and legal fees. This can even apply if you don't directly make the product, including if you designed, repaired, supplied or imported it.

Product liability insurance will cover your costs, although it may not pay out if the claim is a result of poor workmanship. You can often protect yourself from this and lower your premiums if you can prove you have stringent quality control procedures in place.

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