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The Simple Way to Save on Scooter Insurance

how much is scooter insurance

Find out all you need to know about cutting the cost of insurance for scooters.

While scooters are undoubtedly one of the cheapest modes of transport to insure, the exact cost depends on a whole host of factors. Here we explain exactly how an insurer decides what premium to charge you.

A cheap scooter insurance quote is worthless if you don't answer the insurer's questions honestly. No insurer is likely to pay out for a claim if you've given them false information.

Having said this there are perfectly legal ways and means to get the best scooter insurance, for less.

Your age

While there is little you can do about your age, it's worth knowing that younger riders do tend to pay more for scooters and bikes insurance than older riders.

This is due to the 'risk statistics' insurers use to determine how likely any rider is to make a claim. Unfortunately, the younger you are, the more likely you are to claim.

However if you remain claim free the cost of your insurance should go down year on year. If your policy renewal is more expensive than last year's premiums, it's time to look around for a different insurer. Even if your renewal is a bit cheaper, comparing scooter insurance quotes online could still save you a significant sum.

Your experience

Drivers with more experience are seen as less likely to make a claim so will often attract cheaper premiums.

Many insurers offer a discount for riders who have completed an advanced riding certificate on top of the standard driving test. Extra qualifications can be worth looking into as a way to reduce the cost of insuring your scooter.

Those with a history of driving offences and convictions on the other hand will end up paying more for insurance, as they will be considered a greater risk.

Your location

Where you live, work and ride will have a considerable impact on your insurance for scooters quote.

Those who live in what insurers deem 'higher risk' postcodes, where thefts and accidents are more often reported, will usually end up paying more for their insurance than someone who rides in a 'safer' area.

While there is little you can do about where you live, storing your scooter in a secure location such as a garage when it's not in use will help you to reduce the cost of your cover.

Many insurers will offer you a discount if you have security features such as an alarm, immobiliser or secure lock fitted as they will help deter thieves and indicate you are a more responsible scooter

owner. Often one-off purchases such as this can go some way to securing cheap scooter insurance UK.

Your bike

Unfortunately, the more expensive your bike is to repair or replace, the more expensive your cover as insurers will need to mitigate themselves against the higher pay out in the event of its loss or destruction.

Any modifications, particularly de-restricting the manufacturer's pre-set speed limit, will make the cost of your policy more expensive - so they're best to avoid.

However, whether you are looking for electric scooter insurance or motor scooter insurance it is possible to find a policy that gives you the cover you need for a reasonable price.

Your usage

Any potential insurer will need to know how and when you ride your scooter. Be sure to give them an accurate picture and let them know whether you ride your scooter for commercial or purely domestic purposes.

Additionally, many insurers will offer you discounts for limited mileage agreements, whereby you agree not to exceed a certain number of miles in a policy year. It is essential to compare scooter insurance quotes to check the range of limits available, although most are set around 5,000miles.

The fewer miles you agree to the cheaper your policy will be so it's worth trying to estimate this to a good degree of accuracy. However if you exceed this limit some insurers will refuse to pay out in the event of a claim.

Many will allow you to upgrade your mileage cap during the policy year if needs be, but this could come at a greater cost than choosing a higher cap first off. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of scooters and bikes insurance to see where you stand.

Your excess

A policy excess is the amount of any claim that you will need to pay yourself. Insurers usually apply a compulsory excess to scooter insurance policies however, you also have the option to add a voluntary excess to the policy.

Opting for a higher voluntary excess is likely to cheapen your policy considerably, but you should only consider it if you will be able to afford the extra cost in the event of a claim.

A lower excess will mean you are more protected if you need to claim, but you will likely have to pay higher monthly premiums to cover it.

Premiums, as well as the level of cover provided, vary greatly from provider to provider. To make sure you get the best scooter insurance possible it's best to take the time to compare scooter insurance quotes from a number of different insurers.

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