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How much is snowmobile insurance

how much is snowmobile insurance

I dont have any insurance, my sled was free. And the one im about to buy is only $375. You dont have to have insurance on a snowmobile do you? Maybe if you have a loan on it or something I could understand but a beater sled? Minnesota has some pretty lame laws though when it comes to insurance so I would like some opinion here, am I breaking the law? Ive only had a sled for 1 season now so Im curious to know. but the sled is actually registered in WI because I keep it at my parents house. My parents and I only live 40 min apart but were on either side of the border. makes insurance and residency and titles and all that crap a pain in my @$$ thats for sure! especially because Minnesota is double the price

for car insurance, WI doesnt even require it! And on another note Minn doesnt sell alcohol on Sundays. CMON! Back home theyre open till midnight every day of the week, and the town has 2 drive thru liquor stores! thats right drive thru! And all these natives of MN hate on Wisconsin.

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