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How much is the good student discount?

how much is student car insurance

Question: How much is the good student discount?

Answer: The definition of a good student varies from one insurance company to another -- as does the amount of the discount. In general, car insurance companies recognize a "good student" as someone under age 25 that is enrolled in high school or college and ranks in the upper 20 percent of his or her class, has a B average or 3.0 average or is on the Dean's list or honor roll.

A discount for a good student is based on the premise that good students are better drivers. Statistics have shown that students with higher grade point averages (GPA) tend to be more responsible when operating an automobile and are in less accidents. This means this group of drivers pose less risk and thus are given a reduction in their premiums.

This discount normally applies to bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. medical payments, and physical damages of comprehensive and collision coverages providing that each such youthful driver meets certain requirements. Insurance companies underwriting guidelines vary on how much

the good student discount will be for those that meet their requirements but, on average, it is a 5 to 15 percent discount. This makes it a great discount for teenagers .

For example, Geico offers a discount for young drivers who are full time students and between the agents of 16 and 24. The discount can be 10 to 15 percent if the young driver meets any of these requirements:

  • B average prior semester,
  • 3.0 grade point average (GPA),
  • dean's list or honor roll,
  • top 20% SAT or ACT score,
  • top 20% PSAT score,
  • home-schooled students may be eligible based on standardized exam results.

Nationwide Insurance notes that for their good student discount one can get up to a 15 percent discount on their auto insurance when your teen earns a B average or above on their report card.

When buying from we will ask you questions about a young driver when you are purchasing your policy and your discount will automatically be applied (if available).

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