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How much is trip insurance

how much is trip insurance

Who buys trip cancellation insurance?

Individuals, families, groups, businesses and students in rapidly growing numbers purchase insurance protection for the security and service it provides, plus the ability to access 24-hour travel assistance while away from home. And only travel insurance provides trip cancellation and interruption coverage!

What types of travel does it cover?

It covers tours, cruises, safaris, home rentals, airline flights, extended visits overseas by students or adults, or almost any type of holiday or business trip that involves substantial, non-recoverable expense. "Package" policies contain the most popular options; however, you can also mix and match coverage options according to your personal requirements. We have plans that provide full benefits even when you're flying on mileage and staying with your favorite aunt (ie, you have no trip costs to protect, but you still need the peace of mind that emergency medical, medical evacuation benefits, and 24/7 traveler assist service can bring.) We have plans that cover airfare only. We have special trip cancellation insurance plans for extended stays in a foreign country. In fact, we can find a solid plan for any traveler, from any country, traveling in his own or any other country. If we don't have it, it hasn't been invented yet!

Every plan is unique. Recent benefit additions include "Cancel for Work Reasons," "Cancel for Any Reason," and "Cancellation Due to Involuntary Layoff.

We recommend that you enroll in trip protection insurance immediately following your initial trip deposit. Many plans will waive the Pre-existing Medical Condition exclusion and provide coverage for the Financial Default of a Travel Supplier, but only when you buy them within two or three weeks after deposit. Recently added trip cancellation insurance benefits such as Cancel for Work

Reasons and Cancel for Any Reasons* are only available for purchase immediately after deposit. Finally, early enrollment also affords you the longest possible benefit period, beginning the day after you enroll and ending when you arrive home.

What's the difference between primary and secondary coverage?

Primary coverage means that the insured party is directly reimbursed by the insurance company for covered expenses. It is different from secondary coverage, which is supplementary to other insurance coverage that the insured party might have.

Secondary coverage requires you to first submit any claims to your own primary insurer (health or homeowners insurance provider, credit card company or car rental firm). It would then provide reimbursement for expenses not covered by the primary insurer, such as co-pays or deductibles.

What if I need help while I'm away?

In the event of a question or claim, you should call the toll-free access number that is provided with your policy, as soon as reasonably possible. You can use that number whenever you need emergency assistance with any aspect of a covered trip, anywhere, whether there is a claim or not. For the average traveler, knowing what to do or whom to call when there is a problem can be very challenging, especially in a foreign language. One call to your Travel Assistance Operator can save your trip!

How much does trip cancellation insurance cost?

Depending upon your age, the cost and length of your trip, and the benefit options you choose, travel insurance premiums usually run from 2 - 9% of trip cost. Each case is unique, and with 18 major providers we have a policy to fit virtually every traveler and every budget. Contact us today to discuss your trip.

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