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Wedding Insurance

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a plan designed to financially protect against wedding disasters. If the wedding reception is cancelled because of a fire at the wedding venue, or if the wedding rings are lost or there is a failure on the part of the photographer that results in the loss of those special prints, your wedding insurance plan can help you out. Cover is available for almost every insurable wedding eventuality, be it an unavoidable cancellation of the wedding ceremony itself to failure of the flowers to arrive. You'll be reimbursed for your financial loss and even have the opportunity to re-stage the event without additional costs at a later time.

What's covered by wedding insurance?

A range of competitive wedding insurance plans are available in the UK. Costs vary with provider and are dependent upon the level of cover required. Typically, you'll have a choice of cover options that will include some or all of the following elements…
  • Wedding Cancellation
  • Wedding Reception Cancellation
  • Honeymoon cancellation
  • Damage to wedding attire (hired or purchased) for the main wedding


  • Loss of wedding rings
  • Loss or damage to the wedding cake
  • Loss or damage to the flowers
  • Failure of wedding transport and cost of replacement transport
  • Loss, damage or theft of wedding presents/gifts
  • Failure of any wedding supplier
  • Failure of the professional photographer and his/her equipment
  • Failure of the professional videographer and his/her equipment
  • Public liability
  • Cover for legal expenses and disputes with suppliers
  • Stress counselling

Higher levels of cover are available, and include comprehensive health and illness cover for bride and groom, as well as extended cover for illness to immediate family and the main wedding party. The highest level of insurance cover costs less than £200.

Buying wedding cover brings you peace of mind and allows you to approach your special day with confidence. You can obtain a wedding cover quote online and buy your policy online too. It really couldn't be easier. When you think about the amount you and your family are investing in your wedding day, don't you owe it to yourself to buy wedding insurance cover?

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