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How much liability car insurance do i need

how much liability car insurance do i need

I strongly disagree with that concept, golfgirl. Just because some rich fool spends two million dollars on a motor home and drives it down public highways does NOT mean I have to carry enough insurance at my expense to cover his golden a--. You will NEVER convince me that such is the case.

Another reason that carrying an excess of insurance is not something I approve of, is that the insurance companies are not in the business of being realistic in the costs of damage and repairs. I'll cite a personal example. I happened to have left the trailer hitch on our van, and DW cut a backup turn too close and scratched a panel on a new car. Speed was maybe 1 mph, damage was six inches with no structural issues. Repair was not bondo and paint, but over $1,200. When the adjuster came out to check the van for damage, I pointed out to

him that it was a friggin TRAILER HITCH and that at worst, there might have been a scratch on the already scratched paint. He checked under the car, around the car, looked at the hitch from six inches and wrote down " 1/4" scratch of paint. Cost of repair, 1 can paint, 1/4 hr labor, environmental impact disposal, $64." That was his job. That was what he was instructed to do. That is CYA idiocy that we ALL end up paying higher premiums for. I coulda spit on the hitch and rubbed it with my finger and removed the trace of paint from the other car.

Reasonable insurance varies with a person's income. It is possible to get state minimum and agents do that. If that is all someone who earns minimum wage can afford, fine. If the person with the two million dollar motor home complains, let him lobby for a higher minimum wage.

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