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How much umbrella insurance coverage for me?

how much umbrella insurance do i need
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But an umbrella policy is much more than extra coverage. The better policies protect you from lawsuits related to activities that aren't covered by automobile or homeowners policies. Those activities might involve vacation rentals of boats, jet skis, snowmobiles or other recreational vehicles. The policies also might cover liability assumed in contracts, such as a wedding reception contract in which you agree to be responsible for any injuries to guests, even if you don't cause those injuries. A good umbrella policy can cover these and many more liability risks for which you may not have coverage under your automobile or home insurance policy.

A personal umbrella insurance policy is by far the best buy in the insurance business. A $1 million policy will cost you between $150 and $200 a year. Where else can you buy $1 million worth of anything for

that price? Each additional million dollars' worth of coverage will cost you about $100 a year. For that little amount of money, you can afford to be well-protected.

You asked for guidance on how much umbrella liability coverage to buy. Considering the bargain price, buy $1 million more than you think you'll need. Just as important, make sure to buy an umbrella policy that covers the liability insurance gaps in your personal life. An insurance agent who really knows the coverage idiosyncrasies of umbrella policies can identify those activities in your life that are not already covered and help you select an umbrella insurance policy that will protect you from potentially uninsured lawsuits.

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