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Can I add my last name to my babys birth certificate with

how to add a name to a birth certificate

Customer reply replied 5 years ago.

My baby is just 3 months old and the fathers name was put on the birth certificate and also on my babies last name. What I want to do is hyphen his last name and have my last name behind it. For instance, my babies name on the birth cert. is

Utah does not allow you to simply add a name to a birth certificate. In Utah, birth certificates can be amended to change a name but only where it is necessary to correct a typographical error and the change does not alter the sound or enunciation of the name. The only way to accomplish what you seek is to formally file an application for a name change. This will require notice to the father.

I have reproduced the applicable statute in Utah that was amended in 2007.

Name or sex change -- Registration of court order and amendment of birth certificate.

(1) When a person born in this state has a name change or sex change approved by an order of a Utah district court or a court of competent jurisdiction of another state or a province of Canada, a certified copy of the order may be filed with the state registrar with an application form provided by the registrar.

(2) (a) Upon receipt of the application, a certified copy of the order, and payment of the required fee, the state registrar shall review the application, and if complete, register it and note the fact of the amendment on the otherwise unaltered original certificate.

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