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how to add name to birth certificate

Adding name in birth certificate

by Mahalakshmi Dhanasekaran on 05 May 2012

Hello, I was born on 1987 in Kuniyamuthur panchayat, coimbatore. I have my birth certificate without name. kuniyamuthur panchayat is changed to corporation in the year 2011. What is the procedure to add my name in the birth certificate. When i go to kuniyamuthur panchayat office or registrar office or coimbatore corporation office no one is responding to me. No one is there to guide me regarding this. Can you please guide/Help me in this issue. Thank you, Mahalakshmi Dhanasekaran.

by adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) on 05 May 2012

First you file an application to add your name to the birth certificate to the corporation, they wont do it, then issue legal notice by following sec. 80 of CPC to make necessary rectification in the birth certificate. Then file a suit for mandatory injunction. You have to follow the procedure so contact your advocate.

by SAINATH DEVALLA on 05 May 2012

Dear Querist, First submit an application with ack due to the corporation,in the births/deaths

dept.Produce secondary evidence of your actual name i.e,SSLc certificate,Pan Card,Driver's licence,Election ID card etc.It is duty of the concerned authorities to modify the birth certificate.

agree with experts

Nothing to add more.

by Mahalakshmi Dhanasekaran on 06 May 2012

Dear sirs, Thank you so much. I spoke to my advocate regarding this and he says that he needs a letter from the corporation from the concerned birth/death dept stating that whether they do have the birth certificates for the year 1987 handed over from the kuniyamuthur panchayat. When I spoke to the panchayat people they say that they have handed over the certificates only from 1990 to till date,but not for 1987.They say May be within a week we'll handover to corporation. Its been nearly 2 months I'm walking to different offices regarding this.So do i have to wait even more to get solved. This issue is disturbing my other works and plans. Please Advice.

by Shonee Kapoor on 06 May 2012

then start with the process of sending notice. Regards, Shonee Kapoor

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