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How to add the father to a birth certificate

how to add the father to a birth certificate


I have assumed the following:

You and the father have now married

He also wants to change their birth certificate

You are living in the UK and the children were born here

You just both need to go to the Registry Office where their birth was originally registered, and re-register their births.

You will also need to take your marriage certificate (an original and not a photocopy). Your child will be given a completely new birth entry showing that the parents are now married, and showing both parents' names, you can also change their surname at that time.

Copies of the new birth certificate will cost a few pounds.

If one of you cannot attend a register office in person, for example if the child's father is serving abroad in the Armed Forces, then the parent who cannot attend must also complete a form called a Statutory Declaration Acknowledgement of Parentage as well as a re-registration form.

The "Statutory Declaration" must be witnessed by a designated official and should then be produced by the attending parent at the time of the appointment to re-register the child.

If you no longer live in the district where the birth took place, you can ‘re-register by declaration' by attending any register office in England or Wales. The same rules above apply as to who can attend and what documents you need to bring with you. The forms will be forwarded to the office where the birth was originally registered. Any marriage certificates will be photocopied and returned to you. If you require copies of the new certificate, these can be paid for in advance by cheque or postal order at the time of giving your declaration.

Telephone the Registry Office where they were originally registered for advice if this isn't clear enough, or your local Registry Office if you are unable to get to the original one.

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