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How to apply for a birth certificate in virginia

how to apply for a birth certificate in virginia

Searching Virginia birth records or obtaining a Virginia birth certificate is simple with an online database or/and registry.

Each individual state maintains a registry for vital records and statistics. Vital records consist of death records, marriage births, birth records, divorce records, etc.

Thus, persons seeking information on a particular birth record can contact a local state agency, and request information on obtaining a record. A search of birth records is useful for gathering information about one’s ancestors. In addition, adoptive children may carry out a birth records search to locate their biological family members. Whatever the motivation for searching birth records, online resources make finding an accurate record simple. Consider the following tips for searching birth records in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia Birth Certificates: This website is committed to helping people search birth records maintained by the State. Every now and then, original birth certificates are lost or become damaged. Without a birth certificate, obtaining a passport, driver’s license, or Social Security number is impossible.

Receiving a new or replacement birth certificate is easy. Furthermore, searching birth records for ancestral purposes is effortless. To begin a search, visit There are strict rules for searching a birth record and obtaining a birth certificate. For starters, applicants must provide a legitimate reason for requesting a birth search. Next, select the link, “order a birth certificate online.” The fee for certified copies of birth certificates is $20.80. Birth record searches and certificates are also available by written request. For more information write to:


P.O. BOX 1000

RICHMOND. VA 23218-1000

Virginia Department of Health: This website is another useful source for conducting a birth record search. The Department of Health maintains a large database of all vital statistic records. There are numerous ways to request a search of birth records. For starters, you may visit the Department of Health in-person. Applicants must complete a request form, present a valid photo ID, and pay the application fee of $12. The Virginia Department of Health is located at:

The Shops at Willow Lawn

1601 Willow Lawn Drive

Suite 275

Richmond, VA 23220

Additionally, birth record may be requested by writing to the Office of Vital Records, PO Box 1000, Richmond, VA 23218. The average turnaround time for obtaining a birth record or certificate is 2 – 4 weeks.

National Center for Health Statistics: This website provides information on locating vital records for all 50 states. To begin a search for Virginia birth records, visit Next, choose the “Virginia” state link. The following webpage will include information on requesting individual records. Birth records cost $12.00. To obtain information, applicants must submit a written request. Furthermore, applicants need include a photo ID (driver’s license, military ID, etc) with their request form. The Center for Health Statistics allows applicants to search their own records, and the records of an immediate family member. Certified copies may also be obtained by visiting For more information, write to:

National Center for Health Statistics

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