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How to apply for a certificate

how to apply for a shotgun certificate

Renewals 2015: The normal number of firearm and shotgun renewals start in 2015 after a two-year “quiet” period. To help the police to renew your certificates in time we recommend that you get your renewal applications to them at least twelve weeks before the expiry of your certificate. For full details click here .


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Explosives licensing forms

Form ER4a is for individuals wishing to use black powder in their own firearms or shotguns, or for historic re-enactment events.

  • Use this form

    for an ‘acquire only’ or an ‘acquire and keep’ certificate for black powder.

  • Not applicable to clubs, societies, or organisations or for any explosive other than black powder.

Form ER4 is for companies, clubs and societies, powder masters or users.

Not applicable for personally held firearms and shotguns, or historic re-enactment when using black powder only.

ER4b is similar to old form COER1A but should be used when renewing an explosives certificate at the same time as a firearm or shotgun certificate.

Visitors explosives certificate application form -

Form ER4a -

Form ER4b -

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