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How to apply for cobra health insurance

how to apply for cobra health insurance

If you work for an employer that has over 20 full-time employees: Then federal COBRA law applies, go to COBRA summary

Has Colorado enacted a Law similar to COBRA for business with fewer than 20 full-time employees?

Yes, as of Jan, 1st 1998, employees that work for an employer that has 2-19 employees can get COBRA if declined for coverage due to pre-existing condition. COBRA vs. Colorado Continuation Employees are eligible based in the Colorado Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan (CUHIP). This is a Colorado State run program. You can goto: COVER COLORADO. state run uninsurable plan.

Contact your previous employer and ask him/her to give you your COBRA papers so that you may see how much it is to continue your health insurance through the group plan.
  • Shop for temporary health insurance. if you do not have preexisting conditions and need temporary coverage for 1-6 months then temporary health insurance is a great solution and you will find that it is extremely affordable.

  • If you have preexisting conditions or pregnant you should try to get on another group plan (or pay for COBRA) as quick as you can or contact your local insurance state department to see what they have available for you. Many states have a guaranteed issue health insurance plan for individuals who cannot secure coverage through a private health insurer. Check out our Uninsurable State Risk Pools Resource page .

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