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How to apply for death certificate

how to apply for death certificate

Death Records commence in Ireland from 1864. Deaths that have taken place in Northern Ireland between 1864 – 1921 ONLY  are also available.

You can apply online for Irish Death Certificates.   Only after a Death has been officially registered by the next of kin or a Coroner, can you then apply online to buy any certificates that you may require.

N.B.  If placing an order from USA / Canada etc. please ensure you follow the payment guidelines as outlined towards top of website Homepage.

If a Coroner is involved, only after his/her Report has been completed (which on average can take up to 12months), will the formal registration take place and the certificate can only then be requested.  Typically, you will be notified by the Coroners’ Office that the paperwork has been submitted and you can then proceed to order the official Death Certificate. If an application is made for a Certificate and the Report has not yet been finalised, this is outside our remit and as soon as we are notified that the paperwork has been finalised, we shall have the cert issued. Should you require a Certificate before the official one is finalised, the Coroner involved can have a temporary cert known as an “Interim Death Certificate” issued.

If in doubt about a registration or if it is for a death that has taken place

in the 1800’s or early 1900’s, we recommend that you use the “Search Only ” option in the drop-down panel when choosing the quantity of certificates. If an entry is then found in the Register Books, we can notify you and provide a link for the balance of fees to obtain the original certificate.

Please Note :  SEARCH ONLY:   If you require a Search to be carried out, you are provided with a copy of the entry into the Registry Book only (if one is available) and not an actual certificate.  Please note that a maximum of 2 (two) search’s will be carried out per any one request so as we are not a Geneology service, it is totally incumbent on you to ensure that the information you submit is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Furthermore, dependent on the year and/or the amount of information provided, it can take longer to process some search requests.

Please also note that a Hospice, Hospital, GP or Nursing Home do not automatically register a death so if a death is a recent event, you need to obtain from the attending Doctor, the “Notification of Death ” documentation to allow the relevant family member to be able to go and physically register the death at your local Births Deaths Marriages office and only after  this has occurred, can you obtain an official Death Certificate.

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