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Waiting for employment insurance

how to apply for employment insurance ontario

The City can help you look for work and pay for basic living costs.

How long until Employment Insurance (EI) benefits start?

It takes four to six weeks for EI staff to settle a benefits claim. Employment and Financial Assistance (EFA) benefits should help you until your EI claim arrives. Your first EI payment will be for a back-dated period.

Getting social assistance benefits?

If you apply for EI, you must sign the Assignment of Benefit form to qualify for financial assistance from Ontario Works. This assignment is an automatic repayment of benefits to EFA by EI.

You can avoid interruptions to your income if you complete both the EI cards and the financial assistance income statement.

If EI payment is delayed

You may need to sign another Assignment of Benefit form to continue receiving social assistance.

If you do not qualify for EI

You will not have to repay EFA for the benefits you received.

When you receive your first EI payment, you must immediately contact your EFA case coordinator to find out if you are eligible for other financial assistance.

Reporting your income

While on social assistance, you must complete an income statement to ensure your benefits are not interrupted. Each month, you will receive a four-part document in the mail including a:

  • Cheque or direct-deposit notice
  • Cheque stub
  • Drug card
  • Income statement

To avoid a delay in payment, it is crucial that you send your income statement fully completed, signed and dated before the 15th day of each month.

Completing your income statement

While on social assistance, you must declare any income or money that you receive. The only exceptions are child tax credit, GST and income-tax rebates. Make sure

to declare all other money you receive on your income statement.

To complete an income statement, enter the total received income in the box that corresponds with the income type. For example, if you received employment earnings, enter that amount in the top-left box.

Don't forget.

  • When filling out your income statement, you must provide copies of pay or cheque stubs. Also, remember to declare any tips or bonuses that you receive. If you are unable to do this, please attach a note explaining what happened, and send the note with your income statement.
  • It is very important that you fill in every box on the income statement. Enter either the total income for you, your spouse or dependent, or mark "NIL" if the box does not apply to you.

For the first three months

For the first three months on assistance, your total employment income is deducted dollar-for-dollar.

After three months

After three months of assistance, the City will deduct your total employment income based on a calculated exemption amount and percentage of earnings. However, you must still report your full earnings on the income statement. The City will deduct your benefits automatically.

Last month’s rent letter

If you need help with your last-month rent deposit, the Employment and Financial Assistance (EFA) branch can provide you with a Letter of Guarantee to present to your landlord. However, EFA will not provide you with a cheque or cash.

The Letter of Guarantee is a certified promise to your landlord that EFA will pay an amount equal to the total indicated in the letter. EFA determines this amount based on the conditions of your financial distress.

You can obtain only one Letter of Guarantee, unless you cancel the original letter.

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