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California medicare plans

Trust Us to Help You Find the Right California Medicare Plans For You

Here at we understand that California Medicare can be confusing. Before you read any further, we need to tell you who we are.

Our goal at is to develop a relationship with you for years to come. With 35 years of insurance experience, we know California Medicare . If you are looking at Medicare Advantage Plans in California or at Medicare supplements. we have you covered.

We believe in the following core values:

    We never sell your information to agents. We do not use pushy sales tactics. We represent multiple carriers. We find the best plan to fit your needs.

Making Sense of California Medicare Plans

Choosing between the seemingly endless variety of California Medicare companies and plans can be quite complicated.

The choice of plans, costs and coverage vary by counties in California. Our goal is to make this process if not easy, at least understandable. An informed consumer is a better consumer. For example, have you heard about the California birthday rule?

In California, you can change your California Medicare Supplement Plan every year on your birthday within 30 days of your date of birth, as long as you currently have a Medicare supplement plan. This means every year, if there was a large rate increase, you have the right to move to a different carrier without going through medical underwriting an additional time. For more information on this rule, go here.

You can also switch your HMO. PPO. or SNP plan or your Medicare Advantage Plan California . Typically when it comes to Medicare in California – benefits and costs will change every year. We can help you review you coverage to make sure you still are receiving all the benefits Medicare has

to offer at the lowest possible cost to you.

Let us be a Helping Hand when it comes to understanding California Medicare Plans

Consider this site a resource for all your Medicare needs. The goal of this site is to educate you regarding the different types of California Medicare insurance.

Often, people confuse Medicare Advantage Plans in California with Medicare Supplements. We will review the differences in California Medicare Supplements and California Medicare Advantage Plans .

One only needs to be a Medicare beneficiary to apply for most California Medicare Plans . Many people believe you must be at least 65 to receive Medicare but this is not always the case. California Medicare provides benefits to permanently disabled people under age 65 as well.

Available plans include:

    Medicare Supplement (MediGap) Medicare Advantage Medicare Advantage HMO Medicare Advantage PPO Special Needs Plans (SNP) Chronic Illness Plans Dual Eligible (Medi-Cal) Part D (PDP)

You can review your options on your own or turn this job over to a professional California Medicare insurance agent. We represent virtually every carrier doing business in California and will help you make the best choice for you.

Call us at 1-800-550-0155 at your convenience and let us help you find the right California Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan in California .

Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Rick for your insurance needs.  I have had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions over the years and he has always been knowledgeable and helpful in helping with the right policy for me.  I especially like the fact that Rick responds to my phone calls or emails in a prompt manner.  He genuinely makes me feel that my needs are important and takes care if them, period.  That’s nice in this environment a professional that cares.

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