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How To Apply for the Medicare Part D Plan

Medicare coverage is a notoriously confusing system, even to the health care provider. Unfortunately, the confusion surrounding Medicare Part D Plan is even worse. Many are dismayed and confused by the seeming lack of effort from our government officials to clarify and explain enrollment procedure. I'd like to help make it a bit clearer for you.

Basically, Medicare Part D is the new prescription drug coverage program that offers discounted prices for most prescriptions, both generic and name brand. This program was created to offset the rising cost of medication for seniors on a fixed income. Anyone who is currently enrolled in Medicare Part A or B is eligible to additionally enroll in Medicare Part D insurance.

In a few steps, you can add Part D to your own existing Medicare coverage. It can also be accessed through a Medicare HMO or PPO. Of course, there may be an additional monthly charge for this prescription coverage, to be decided through the modified gross income that is listed on your tax filing. This fee ranges from $15 to $70 per month.

To help make sense of it all, here are some important tips you should know about Medicare and, more specifically, how to enroll in Medicare Part

D insurance:

  • Determine your eligibility. In order to be eligible for Medicare Part D, one must first have Medicare Part A or Part B. Medicare Part A is the hospital insurance that typically pays for inpatient care and, if needed, a skilled nursing facility (if you were recently in the hospital). Medicare Part B is the insurance that covers you when you see your physician or health care provider. And as you know, you must be a citizen of the United States as well as age 65 or older to qualify for Medicare. For both of the aforementioned programs, there are premiums as well as deductibles. These vary based upon whether or not you have other health insurance coverage, and can also vary over time.
  • Start the process. Navigate to the website created for Medicare Part D enrollment that is located here. Choose the option to “Find and Compare Plans” once there. This site will direct you to as much Medicare information as you will need.
  • Consider all the costs associated with each plan. There will be an additional monthly charge for Medicare Part D coverage. This is due to the fact that the plan comes with a monthly charge, deductibles, and co-pays.

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