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Software Testing Certifications – Eligibility, Exam Patterns and How to Apply


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Quality assurance and software testing is the most crucial step in any software development process. It ensures requirement adherent, performance reliability and defect-free product delivery to the client.

As the demand for the role of tester is increasing, the more attention is being paid to the quality testing professional. Therefore, it is the high time to get certified and acquire the capabilities to fit in this demanding position. However, it is equally challenging to find the standard certifications which are being recognized all over the world.

This article is intended to enlighten the readers about the established certifications available in the market today. Let us see one by one

This is a part – I of testing certification series. In this article we’ll be discussing on following four important software testing certifications:

4) HP QTP Certification

CSTE stands for “Certified Software Test Engineer”. CSTE is a benchmark certification program for all Testers and Mangers that emphasize on professional competency and best practices in quality control in IT industry. Requirement or Eligibility criteria to take CSTE certification include and one of the following:

  • 4 year degree from a recognized institution+2 year experience
  • 3 year degree from a recognized institution+3 year experience
  • 2 year degree from a recognized institution+4 year experience
  • 6 years of experience in IT industry

How to Apply:

The applicant should submit the request on Customer Portal with the payment of $350(PDF+initial exam) or $420(PDF+Book+CD+initial exam).

You can apply for this certification through Customer Portal at Software Testing Certifications. You can also share your concerns at: .

Exam Pattern:

The exam is divided into following parts:

  • Two sections for multiple choice questions which consist of 50 objective type questions.
  • Two sections for 10 subjective type questions such as Short answers or essays.
  • Exam duration is 4 hours 30 minutes and the passing marks are 75%. The examination retaking fees is $100.

CSTP is the short form for “Certified Software Test Professional”. This was initiated by International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) in 1991 and so far this has been successful in enhancing the career of thousands of aspirants by providing the professional skill set for software application testing. This certification program could be taken by any new comer in the testing field as well as for the managers and leaders in testing field.

The requirements to take this exam include a minimum of 10 day of formal Training or education which includes the following topics:

  • Principles of Software Testing
  • Test Design
  • Managing the Testing Process
  • Test Executions and Defect Tracking
  • Requirement Definitions, Refinement

    and Verification

  • Test Automation
  • Static Testing

Along with it, the applicant must be experienced in the testing related role for at least One year. The formal approval from the candidate’s manager is also necessary for him/her to apply for this certification.

A minimum of 80% marks are required to claim this certification successfully. The cost of this certification exam is $120, which is non-refundable and upon clearing the certification, it will not expire before 3 years.

How to Apply:

Call at (763)546-0072 or shoot your query to .

CTM stands for “Certified Test Manager”. This certification aims to support test managers and Senior Testers to handle the test projects efficiently by enhancing their management capability. Test Management Body of Knowledge (TMBK) is the foundation of CTM certification.

This program is focused on the managers, Senior level Testers, anyone who has over 3 years of industry experience and folks who are already done with CSTP certification.

The formal education requirements to take this exam include following compulsory topics:

  • Test Process Management
  • Test Project Management
  • Test Process Measurement and Improvement
  • Test Organization Management
  • Risk Management
  • Test Automation Strategies and Architectures
  • Software Quality Assurance


As mentioned above, a minimum of 3 years of experience is the eligibility requirement for appearing this test.

How to Apply:

Application forms are available at IIST office and should be submitted to IIST chairperson, along with non-refundable fee of $120. Upon granted, the CTM certification will not expire before 3 years. A minimum of 80% marks are required to get CTM certified.

Application form is directly accessible at IIST. You can forward any of your concerns to or call at (763)546-0072.

4) HP QTP Certification

QTP certification by HP is meant for QuickTest professionals who wish to gain mastery in testing tools by HP called QuickTest. Since august 1 st 2010, HP has come up with the HP QTP Certification v10.0. AIS is beginner level certification exam whereas ASE is advanced level certification level exam. There exams are particularly famous with the following names:

  • Exam HPO-M31 – HP Quality Center 10.0 Software
  • Exam HPO-M39 – HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 Software

Preparation guide by HP is available at: HP QTP certification preparation. which covers the subject of examination precisely. Click to apply for HP QTP certification. and follow the simple instructions. The cost of HP QTP certification is $150.

In Part II of this article, we’ll discuss in detail on: ISEB & ISTQB, CMST, CASQ, CSQA and CMSQ certifications.

Till then, if you have queries on any of the testing certifications feel free to ask in below comment section.

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