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How to apply for Birth Certificate: Your complete guide

Birth certificate is one of the most important document issued by the government that gives information about your child such as date of birth, place, gender etc.

Why birth certificate is required

The birth certificate plays a crucial role especially when you are applying for admission in schools or college, hospital benefits and more. It also helps in establishing property and inheritance claims

According to 'Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969, it is mandatory to register your child's birth. This needs to be done within 21 days from the birth of your child.

Issuing of birth certificate may not be the same throughout the country. While most of the hospitals take care of the entire procedure for you, at times you may be required to apply for the certificate.

Documents needed

Parents birth ceritifcates

Marriage certificate of the parents

Proof of birth letter in hospital

Parents' identity proof (for verification)

How to register the birth of your child

  • Once the hospital

    issues the letter stating all the details of your child's birth, next you need to do is to do the registration. You need to fill the registration form given by the registrar nearest to you.

  • Once filled, you need to submit the form in the office of the local authorities.
  • The authorities will then do a proper verification with the hospital.
  • Then, you need to visit the nearest District Statistical Officer and then check the deatils of your registration.
  • You need to pay Rs 5 for the copy of the certificate in the statistical office.

Since obtaining a certificate is usually a tedious job, many states have now relaxed the features and even allow you to apply for the birth certificate online. In Bangalore. BBMP's unit Bangalore One is one centre where you can apply for the certificate online.

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