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How to be a licensed insurance agent

how to be a licensed insurance agent

How can I become a licensed Pennsylvania Title Agent?

To become a licensed Pennsylvania title agent the Pennsylvania Insurance Department requires that you take and pass the Pennsylvania title agent's licensing exam.

In preparation for the Pennsylvania title agent's licensing exam it is recommended that you take the The Title Agent Licensing Course specifically created for this purpose by the Pennsylvania Land Title Institute (PLTI). the educational arm of PLTA. Click here for information on this course.

The Agent’s Licensing Bulletin published by the Insurance Department contains a test outline. You can register for the test online at . Under "New Users" on the right side of the page, create an account and register for the test. Exam sites are located throughout the state and can be found on the PSI website.

Once you pass the title agent licensing test, you will receive a certificate which you can take to one or more title underwriters to sponsor you as its agent. The certificate is good for one year from the date you pass the exam. Applications for a title agency to be licensed and applications to take the test are also in the licensing Bulletin.

After you are Licensed

Once you are licensed, The state has a continuing education (CE) requirement of 24 credit hours for non-attorney agents and 3 credit hours for licensed attorneys (who must also be compliant with their continuing legal education requirement). In order to comply with the continuing education requirement in Pennsylvania, you can attend any of Pennsylvania

Land Title Institute’s (PLTI) programs.

Please note: YOU CANNOT RECEIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS AS A TITLE AGENT UNLESS YOU ARE LICENSED IN PENNSYLVANIA AS A TITLE AGENT. You can always take seminars that interest you, however, whether you are licensed or not, in order to keep up with the frequent changes in laws and procedures in title. Whatever courses you take after you become licensed will count toward your continuing education requirement.

Once you are licensed you will also need in-depth, Pennsylvania-specific reference materials. Fundamentals of Real Estate and Title Insurance is an accredited self-study curriculum that is also a handy desk reference for those engaged in the business of title insurance or real estate. This is the reference leading title insurance professionals in Pennsylvania have this on their bookshelves. Click here for more information.

Membership in the Pennsylvania Land Title Association (PLTA) is crucial if you’re going to be in the title business in Pennsylvania. PLTA offers important, current information and education in addition to a ready-made network of land title professionals. The dues are more than made up in discounts on all educational programs needed for an agent to maintain his or her license. The association monitors legislative actions that affect the industry and maintains legislative counsel in the state capitol. Our quarterly magazine, Common Ground, is one of the best sources of information on the business, including abstracts of the latest Pennsylvania real estate and title cases. TO JOIN, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions, we are also available by phone at 800-545-7584.

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