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How to be an Independent Insurance Agency

how to be an independent insurance agent

How to be an Independent Insurance Agency jim

If you’ve ever wondered how to be an independent insurance agency, the answer lies with a company such as Insurance Pro Agencies. Insurance Pro Agencies is an independent insurance agency network that is always in the market to expand its team of independent insurance agents. What this agency network does is help independent insurance agents learn how to be an independent insurance agency by accepting them to their network and referring them to companies. Basically, they provide independent insurance agents with the tools, resources, training, and network that they need to help them jump start their businesses and immediately start generating insurance sales.

Insurance Pro Agencies is a company that only requires its independent insurance agents to have at least three years of experience in the field before they can be accepted into their network of agencies. This company doesn’t require any upfront costs or fees, which is part of what makes it such an advantageous agency network. Rather, it serves as an innovative turnkey operation that helps independent insurance agencies

get their businesses up and in operation as quickly as possible. In many cases, they can help agencies get up and running within 30 days. If business owners take the traditional route, it can take them years to get established enough to get the kind of clientele and business that it needs to generate enough sales to make a profit. However, by going through Insurance Pro Agencies, they can work with a company that has already done all the legwork and went through all the hassle to get established through decades of work.

Insurance Pro Agencies refers independent insurance agents to companies who can then choose to set up appointments and meet with them. However, companies do reserve the right to decline appointments with agents if they feel that the agents don’t meet their criteria. Once agents have an appointment set up with a company, Insurance Pro Agencies sets up their training sessions that provide them with the knowledge, skills, and information packets that they need to help them be successful owners of independent insurance agencies and realize profits.

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