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How to be an insurance salesman

how to be an insurance salesman


You will need to complete 24 Hours of pre-licensing education credits. Once you complete the credits; you will be issued a certificate to take the PA State Exam.

The best way to prepare is to study all available course materials you are provided.

-Here is the link the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance

-Here is thelink to a (PDF) file which has all the instructions

In addition; I would definitely talk to existing agencies to see if they are looking to take on a new person and train them to be an agent.

Find a good agency; you can work for and learn the basic Ins & Outs of the insurance business!

After that, just Sell and Sell some more!

You should be able to use your bilingual ability to your

advantage by being the "Go-To" Insurance Professional within the Chinese Community. Many Insurance agencies will find this as a GREAT plus as they are always looking to Expand in Diverse/Niche Markets.

I STRONGLY believe working with an existing agent for a year or two or more (If you choose) is a great way to get your feet wet. You can always dive in later on and open your own shop if you choose.

I've worked on the carrier-side in claims and sales. Consulted for Direct Carriers and Agents. My best experience has been as an Independent Agent.

This is my opinion; Work with a Good Size Independent Agency which has a lot of Insurance Company appointments and diverse selection of Home, Auto, Life and Commercial products.

Source(s): Insurance Agent for 13+ years and Agency Owner.

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