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How to Become an Auto Insurance Agent

As an auto insurance agent, you may work as an independent agent or a staff agent. Independent agent works on commission while staff agent is being paid a salary. Before you become an auto insurance agent, here are some useful tips you may consider to pursue:


Education requirements depend on the employer. Having a diploma from high school, or vocational courses may be sufficient to take position as auto insurance agent. However, an associate or bachelor degree in the field of business administration, finance, economics, and marketing is preferred by some insurance company. Taking up a licensure exam on this field is also a requirement. This includes a pre-licensure which take some time and it vary depending on the state. It is goo to start your career with this.

Broaden your knowledge

Passing the licensure exam and having the education requirement preferred by most of the employers is not enough. Make it a habit to be knowledgeable on the trends and the ways of the work. Experience is a big factor. Research to optimize your awareness will help too. Online, you can browse various details that you might need for some circumstances during your work.

Get a position

Now, if you are ready for your future and built the right amount of confidence, then go search for a position in the field. There

are infinite counts of job postings in the internet, and that is the most convenient way to find a job. Look out in the newspapers as well they may serve as a tool to grab the profession. If you are aspiring to be part of a particular company then go personally and ask if there is a job opening available.

Be hired

Through it all, you will not be considered as an agent if you are not practicing the profession. Independent or not, you will need to pass some interview and trainings. Get them all over and done. Keep a positive impression then live too much of confidence behind. Job interview will serve as your first job encounter so make it the best out of it. Never lose your knowledge and awareness about the field so you won’t let off of words when your career started.

Getting a dream and living with it is never an easy job. If you are wandering around and hoping to become somebody in the community, you shall live with values; values that will carry you through. As an auto insurance agent, be wise and surprising, so your client will keep a conversation with you. Reliable work is also part of the trade. Work not only for your own interest; include your client’s then it may result to a positive costumer relationship.

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