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How to become a auto insurance appraiser

how to become a auto insurance appraiser

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Graduate high school or obtain a GED certificate. Most insurance companies require a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate to obtain a job as an appraiser.

Obtain a certificate for mechanical work or mechanical inspection through a vocational school. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many vocational schools offer a two-year degree program that will teach you about auto body repair and estimating collision damages. While not a requirement, having this certificate will help you get a job as an appraiser.

Develop a working knowledge of computers and software programs. Many insurance companies require appraisers to carry laptops on jobs to complete the required forms. These forms come from

basic spreadsheets or company-approved software. You can take computer science courses during high school or vocational school that will teach you how to work with computers.

Obtain a driver's license and maintain a good driving record. Many jobs require travel and insurance companies will require a valid driver's license.

Contact the licensing and permits department in your state and complete an application for a collision appraisers license. The license requirements vary by state, and not all states will require you to have a license.

Apply for an open position as an appraiser with an auto insurance provider. Most insurance companies will hire you for full time employment. However, some providers may require you to complete an internship.

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