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Independent Adjuster Information

GENERAL: The Idaho Department of Insurance licenses independent adjusters. We license both individuals and businesses, residents and non-residents, as adjusters. We do not license adjusters who are salaried employees of an insuring company. We allow those individuals who reside in a state that does not license independent adjusters to designate another domicile state in which they are licensed as an independent adjuster as their home state for purposes of obtaining this license.

DEFINITION: (1) An adjuster is an individual or business entity who, on behalf of the insurer, for compensation as an independent contractor or as the employee of such an independent contractor, or for fee or commission, investigates and negotiates settlement of (property/casualty) claims arising under insurance contracts. (2) None of the following is an “adjuster”: (a) an attorney at law who is qualified to practice law in this state, (b) the salaried employee of an authorized insurer, or group of such insurers under common control or ownership, or a managing general agent, who adjusts losses for such insurer or insurers or for the authorized insurers represented by the general agent, (c) the licensed agent of an authorized insurer who, at the insurers’s request, from time to time adjusts or assists in adjustment of losses arising under policies issuued by such insurer.

Refer to Chapter 11, Title 41, Idaho Code for all statutes regarding adjusters, on our website under Laws/Rules/Bulletins, under Idaho Code.

Exam required for residents. There are three possible adjuster exams:

  • General lines adjuster
  • Worker’s compensation adjuster
  • Crop/hail adjuster

Contact PSI to schedule an exam and fingerprints by visiting For independent adjuster study material click here. This material is provided by Insurance Schools, Inc. You may contact Associated Services Group for general lines study materials. Be sure to download the Prelicensing Candidate Handbook for information regarding the exam process.

APPLICATION: For paper submission, use the NAIC Uniform Adjuster Application for individual or business entity. Choose Independent

Adjuster if applying online.


  • Resident Individual - submit individual application, exam score, proof of fingerprints* and fee of $80.
  • Non-Resident Individual - s ubmit individual application and fee of $80.
  • Business Entity - submit business entity application and fee of $80.
  • For online application, please go through Sircon or NIPR .

*NOTE: If there are problems with getting fingerprints done through Pearson Vue. please contact this office (208-334-4250) and ask for help from producer licensing. Manual fingerprints require that you obtain the FD-258 card from licensing and take to your local State Police and, once printed, attach the card to the app, along with an extra $60 for the FBI background check. Fingerprint cards done manually are more costly and result in a slower return of FBI results, along with the possibility of rejected cards and possible redo's. We highly recommend getting fingerprinted electronically through Pearson Vue to avoid these extra expenses and delays and we require it if you are within a 100 mile radius of a test center offering fingerprint services. Licenses for residents are not issued before the FBI report is returned.

RENEWAL: This license renews every 2 years. Go to our website renewal page for online or mail-in options, any time up to 6 weeks prior to the license expiration date, to renew your license. Fee to renew is $80 for mail in/$60 for online, up to the expiration date. Up to one year past expiration, the fee to reinstate is $160 and must be done by paper mail-in form for reinstatement. Currently, there are no CE requirements for resident or non-resident independent adjusters.

EMERGENCY ADJUSTERS: There is an exemption to licensing when a company brings in an adjuster to handle investigation or adjusting claims in exceptional circumstances. such as a catastrophe.

APPOINTMENTS: No company appointments or agency registrations required for adjusters.


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