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Become an Independent Life Insurance Agent

Independent agents can now utilize the same conduit for placing life insurance business that operates on. Simply submit your case details and case management does the rest! Are you an independent life insurance agent who views case management as a drain on resources and to some degree a waste of time? If you could make essentially the same commission without chasing medical requirements and doing tedious paperwork, wouldn’t that be in your best interest? can show you how to write virtually any life insurance application by simply asking your client approximately 15 simple questions. The answers to these questions are then populated into carrier of choice and a dedicated and professional case management team sets the exam and

finishes any following paperwork. The application is then sent to the applicant via email to be e-signed with the click of a button. This process will maximize your time, decrease the number of unplaced cases you have, and make your life insurance career more rewarding than ever!

In just 3 easy steps You can submit life insurance cases entirely online!

Step 1- answer some preliminary underwriting questions

Step 2- select the appropriate product

Step 3- answer specific questions needed for the application

For more information, contact me using the details below, or you can get your own account login by clicking on the above link.

Eric Smith

Independent Life Insurance Agent

Category: Insurance

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