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How to Become a Medicare Provider in North Carolina

how to become a provider for medicare

Medicare is the health insurance program in the North Carolina. In this not only the doctors, but also the non doctor professionals of healthcare like social workers of clinics also provide aid to the adults and disabled individuals. North Carolina has some rules and regulations and procedures for the individuals who think of how to become a Medicare provider in North. The Medicare providers in turn should apply for becoming a Medicare certified to provide treatment to the Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare coverage

The individual should determine Medicare coverage type which he/she will provide. Home health clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes need insurance of Medicare Part A, whereas private doctors and group practices require insurance of Part B.

National Provider Identifier

The applicant should apply for the National Provider Identifier number. This number consists of 10 digits and is necessary for all the providers who wish to become certified Medicare provider.

Medicare carrier


Medicare carrier should be found out in the nearby area by the applicant. In addition to the Medicare requirements of federal government, the policies in each state differ and providers should be clear about policies before applying.

Required documents

The applicant should obtain the application of the Medicare provider. Along with the completed form, the Administration Certificate of Drug Enforcement, IRS form, business license of the state, letter of the Medicare provider and if necessary, documents of specific practice should be included.

Organizing the documents

The application should be signed, all the required documents should be stapled together and the forms should be mailed to the local carrier of the Medicare. For processing, allow few weeks.

Terms and conditions

The individual should agree to the Medicare certification terms. These terms include satisfying with the standard of nondiscrimination, having a genuine medical license of North Carolina and abiding by the reimbursement program’s policies.

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