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How to become an auto insurance appraiser

how to become an auto insurance appraiser

Salary for Insurance Appraisers of Auto Damages

When automobile damage occurs, insurance appraisers evaluate the validity of claims and determine the cost of repairs. They prepare insurance claim forms and provide estimated benefits coverage based on the individual policy and the value of the vehicle as well as the cost of damage repairs. As part of their efforts to secure a better price for their firm and quality repairs for their clients, they may confer or negotiate directly with automobile repair shops. If a disagreement with the shop arises regarding the cost and value of repairs, they may arrange to have the damage appraised by another appraiser. If a vehicle has been totaled, they calculate the salvage value. An extensive knowledge of automobile repair

as well as a working knowledge of automobile repair industry pricing is crucial for this occupation. A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is required for this occupation, as is significant technical knowledge.

An Auto Damage Insurance Appraiser will most likely earn a pay level somewhere between 40000 - 60000 depending on experience and domain knowledge. Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage will usually earn an average pay level of Fifty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred dollars annually.

Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage obtain the most salary in Alabama, where they can get an average pay rate of just about $71390. Employees who work in this job have the best average compensation in Management of Companies and Enterprises, where they earn wages of $72120.

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