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How to become an independent insurance agent

how to become an independent insurance agent

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Attend a pre-licensing insurance agent course approved by your state's insurance regulatory agency. This course will cover basic auto insurance coverages, state laws governing the insurance business and other relevant topics. Even if you plan to sell auto insurance policies to residents of another state, you will have to obtain a license in your home state first.

Pass an insurance licensing exam administered by your state's insurance regulatory agency, or by a third-party approved by the agency. Your state may also obtain your fingerprints and conduct a criminal background check before issuing you a license.

Contact insurance companies that work with independent agents. Your state's insurance regulatory agency can provide you with a list of licensed auto insurance companies in your area. Explain to the companies' representatives that you want to work with them on an independent

basis. If a company agrees to work with you, it will "appoint" you as an agent--that is, it will notify the insurance regulatory agency that you are permitted to sell policies for the company.

Decide how you want to work with customers. Most independent agents lease office space where they can meet with customers, but some work out of their homes and travel to meet the customers. Working from home is far less expensive than leasing office space, but it can be more difficult to gain visibility.

Market your insurance products to local customers. Flyers, direct mailers, business cards, newspaper ads and radio spots can all be effective ways to reach your target audience. Make sure you let your prospective customers know that you represent multiple companies, so you can help them compare quotes so they get the best coverages at the best price.

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