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How to become an insurance agent in texas

how to become an insurance agent in texas

Things You'll Need

Applying for your license

Download and print the Licensing Information Bulletin located on TDI's website ( ). Scroll midway down the page to a heading that says How do I apply for an agent's license? Under the heading, If a state exam IS required, down to the next line, you'll find a link to open the Licensing Information Bulletin.

Decide which types of insurance you want to sell and check the licensing information bulletin to verify which examinations you will be required to take, and whether there are other licensing requirements.

Contact Prometric, Inc, the company contracted with TDI to administer all insurance exams, to schedule an appointment to take your insurance exams. You can register online at, or call 866-267-0455.

Study for your exam. The Licensing Information Bulletin contains an outline of the subjects you need to know for each insurance exam, however it does not contain study materials--only sample question formats. You can either register for an insurance preparation course or study for the exam on

your own. TDI does not require you to take any specific training courses prior to taking to the exam; nor do they vouch for any specific training materials or program. They do, however, offer a list of vendors you can contact on their website.

Show up on the day of your scheduled examination appointment. You will need to bring a form of identification with your photo, signature and address which matches the address listed on your application form and pay the required fee for the specific exam you are taking.

When you pass the exam, complete a license application form for each type of insurance license you want to obtain. Mail your completed license application form(s) and the correct fees as found in the Licensing Informational Bulletin to Prometric.

Once you complete all of these steps successfully, you are a licensed agent in the state of Texas. Decide which insurance carriers' products you want to sell and follow their process to get "appointed" with them. Being appointed means licensed to sell their insurance products.

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