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How to become an insurance agent in Texas

how to become insurance agent in texas

Darren talks about the process and some questions to answer while getting your insurance license in Texas.

The first place to start is asking some questions

1. What type of insurance do i wont to market?

2. What type of business structure in the insurance industry do i wont to work in?

3. Lastly is why am i interested in getting into insurance industry? ie (it's a job-income opportunity or lifestyle choice ?)

Next point to get strait on How to become an insurance agent in Texas is licensing ,what type of insurance do i need and how do i get them.

First place to start is here witch is the State of Texas insurance department.

Then click on


Agent & Adjuster Licensing

    Find out more

    about license testing, electronic licensing services, license renewal and continuing education. This will take you to the licensing information you will need to get started. Lastly you will need to seek out some test prep courses to help you study for and pass your insurance exams. Continuing Education Information for Course Providers

The reasons that people get into insurance industry very from person to person and for the most part i think people just think it's a good place to make a decent income.

But if you are learning How to become an insurance agent in Texas going to get "rich" or have the idea of building a book of business and then living off that book later on in life and create a big lifestyle i would highly suggest you look els where.

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