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How do I change my name if it was misspelled on my birth certificate?

how do i change a name on a birth certificate


Best Answer: The process for changing your name varies from country to country and sometimes state to state. Here is the process for Australia, however in other countries you may have to go through the courts.

In Australia the process was previously called changing your name by "deed poll" however the process is now known as "a legal name change".  To change your name legally you need to lodge an application with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  Once you have your Name Change Certificate or amended birth certificate you need to notify all the organisations where you have an account or membership as quickly as possible.

When changing your name in Australia, you have two options:

1) Name change by association. Notify family, friends and colleagues of your new name and start using it immediately. Your name change will have taken effect by reputation in the community and you can use your new name without taking any formal steps. Certain organisations will not issue official documentation under your new name (such as the passport office and banks), so you will still have your old name on legal documentation but have a new name in the community by association.

2) Undertake a legal name change via the Registry of Births,

Deaths and Marriages (RBDM). This process is best if you want to have your identity documents such as your passport and driver’s licence, changed into your new name.

In Australia any Australian citizen or permanent resident aged 18 years or over can apply for a legal name change at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

You can apply in the state where you were born, or in many cases you can also apply in the state where you currently reside. If you live in a different state from where you were born you may need to provide evidence you have lived in that state for a minimum amount of time before being eligible to change your name.  If you were born overseas you can lodge your application in the state where you currently reside but may need to show evidence of address.

Cost and Time

The process can take up to 10 weeks and the costs vary from state to state and can range from $60 - $160.

Commercial companies such as the one referenced charge an additional fee for a name change kit with all the required forms. However you can do it yourself and obtain the forms from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


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