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How do i check my national insurance number

how do i check my national insurance number

Things You'll Need

Name and telephone number of your insurance company


Locate your life insurance policy declarations. Your policy declarations (also known as declarations pages) are issued when you purchase or renew your insurance policy, when changes are made to an insurance policy and when canceled policies are reinstated. Your policy declarations will list the names of the primary insured parties, the effective and expiration dates of your policy, the limits of coverage, any applicable deductibles and names of your beneficiaries. These documents will show your life insurance policy number in a prominent place on the first page of the package.

Call your life insurance agent. The agent will have access to your insurance company's computer files, and will use your name, address, and possibly your Social Security number to find your information in the computer system. When you contact your agent, ask them to provide a current copy of your life insurance

policy declarations.

Call your insurance company's home office. Many customers insure directly with a life insurance company instead of contacting an insurance agent. If you purchased your life insurance policy directly from a telephone sales representative, you may have to contact your insurance company's customer service department to have your inquiries answered. You can also contact customer service when your insurance agent is unavailable. When you call, provide your name, address, and possibly your Social Security number and the phone representative will search for your information in their computer system.

Remember that most insurance companies won't provide you with the policy number for a policy that isn't in your name. This also applies to spouses who aren't on the insurance policy, but wish to conduct research on their significant other's behalf. The insurance company may make an exception to this rule if the policyholder is deceased, but such requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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