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Is it possible to cancel my daughter's birth certificate?

how to cancel your birth certificate


Best Answer: hmm. in my place, the Philippines, they call it simulation of birth, meaning, another person other than the one who gave birth registered it in their name as she was the one who gave birth to the baby, and this is a criminal offense. Falsification of Public Documents.

Now, as you wish to cancel it would reveal that they made some felony which I think you would not want to do. The best option I know is to seek the assistance of a lawyer to make some adoption paper so that you can put the child in your name.

The most reasons I am aware why the parents are the one who put the registration in their name is the law, which change from time to time, does not allow women below 18

to give birth for the legal reasons of child care, responsibilities or other matters of which she has no capacity. But that is a foolish move for it is a simulation of birth. They should instead delayed the registration and just suffer any consequences like early childhood death where no death certificate could be issued unless they registered a birth first.

Others got away with registering it late, (the second) and claim the child was not registered yet. But I heard this is like treading on dangerous grounds. Additionally, once a birth is registered, one can not just make or bribe the office of registrar for making some corrections for I am told names are registered in 7 different public offices/or something I do not know.

Ask a lawyer and don't try anything illegal. Good luck!

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