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How to challenge an insurance claim

how to challenge an insurance claim

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Examine the report to the insurance company for any errors. Billing errors to the insurance company can result in a lower overall claim being paid out. Go over the bills as many times as you believe necessary. Contact the insurance company's customer service department with any errors you discover and see what they're willing to do to resolve the problem.

File an appeal with your insurance company regarding the claim. If the claim in question is for health insurance, your doctor and any specialists who worked on your treatment can write letters supporting your appeal. Request that they assist you. If the insurance covers some kind of property, you may need to hire an independent claims adjuster to evaluate the damages and submit a new report to the insurance company to support your claim.

Continue filing additional appeals if the company denies your first attempt. Consistent effort can break down the resistance of your insurance company, but it's not a method guaranteed to


Contract with an insurance lawyer if your claim continues to be denied. An insurance lawyer can refine your appeals strategy to increase your chances of success. The attorney will be able to coach doctors and claims adjusters to use more effective language for persuading your insurance company to increase your claims settlement. If this fails to improve your situation with the company, the next step will be to file a lawsuit if your lawyer believes that the insurance company violated its policy agreement in settling your claim.

File a lawsuit against the insurance company for failing to abide by the terms of your policy. This method will increase the amount of time you'll spend fighting the settlement, but if your case is strong enough, you may be awarded a larger claim, compensation for your legal fees and potentially additional damages. Insurance companies have well funded legal teams, but in many cases a company will settle a lawsuit before it goes to trial to avoid the time, expense and hassle.

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