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How to change a birth certificate

how to change a birth certificate

Please refer to the fee schedule (Birth or Death ) for applicable administrative fees.

Minor Corrections

Minor errors contained on the certificate, such as the day of birth, minor spelling error i.e. Carol-Carole, in most instances, can be accomplished by presentation of a variety of established documentation such as early school records, military records, marriage license, child’s birth record etc. These records must be of official record that can be verified and established in accordance with department rules.

Major Corrections

Major errors contained on the birth certificate including names that are different, significant date changes changing parents names (see Adoption or Paternity below) are subject to administrative review. A court order may be required.


An adoption occurs when one or both of the individuals determined at the time of birth to be the natural parent(s) are changed to indicate an individual who is not a natural parent. The parental information as well as the child’s name (if desired) will be updated in accordance with Oklahoma law and upon receipt of the court order.

Please note that if an individual was born in another state but adopted in the State of Oklahoma, the

Adoption Decree is forwarded to that state of birth for processing and if a child was born in Oklahoma but adopted in another state, the Adoption Decree will be forwarded to the State of Oklahoma for processing. We do not maintain birth records for individuals born in other states.

When an adoption occurs and we receive proper documents from the Court, the original birth certificate is removed from the file and replaced with the new adoptive birth certificate. The original birth certificate and court documents are placed in a sealed confidential file and only opened by order of the court or as provided for in Oklahoma Statutes.

When applying for a copy of the birth certificate, any time after the adoption, the adoptive birth facts should be given including the new name of the child (if changed) and the new name(s) of the parent(s). Many individuals are confused when applying for a birth certificate years later indicating to us that they were adopted and do not know their parents names. Remember that once an individual is adopted the adoptive information is the only information that need be provided to obtain the official birth certificate of record.

Paternity and Parentage

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