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Microfinance how it works

microfinance how it works

The BMF New Logic approach keeps business financing simple.

1. Application. It all starts with a simple one-page online application expressing your interest in a BMF New Logic business loan.

2. Qualification. A customer service representative will contact you for additional information and/or paperwork to complete the qualification process.

3. Disbursement. Upon approval, the money is electronically transferred into your business account.

4. Repayment. Payments are made through your card processor or deducted from your bank account - depending on the option you choose when the loan is made.

Processor Powered Payment Plan Get the money you need today and make automatic loan payments through your card processor. Each day you batch or download your credit and debit card terminal,

your processor forwards the fixed percentage we have agreed upon to BMF New Logic. It's that easy.

Many businesses told us that they didn't want to be locked into a fixed, daily payment amount. Sounded logical, so, with the Processor Powered Payment Plan, BMF New Logic allows daily loan payment amounts to ebb and flow with your card sales.*

Weekday Fixed Payment Plan With BMF New Logic you not only get cash fast, you also can choose to make fixed payments each weekday, automatically withdrawn from your bank account until the loan is repaid. You know exactly how much you will pay each weekday without having to write one big check at the end of the month so it's simple, dependable, and manageable.

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