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Microfinance in latin america

microfinance in latin america Active Microfinance Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • ACCION Communitaria del Peru (ACP) - This group provides financial services to microbusinesses. Av. Republica de Chile No. 683-Jesus Maria




  • ACODEP, Nicaragua - ACODEP facilitates access to financial services for owners of small businesses. It encourages voluntary savings for its clients, and it provides voluntary training and education programs in marketing, accounting, sales, and human resources. Contiguo a Ferreteria Gallo y Villa Sur




  • ACTUAR/Tolima, Colombia - ACTUAR supports lower income, self employed individuals in order to increase their earnings and improve their quality of life. They require all of their clients to save in a solidarity group fund. They also require solidarity group training. Carrera 5 31-42





  • ADMIC National, A.C. Mexico - ADMIC strengthens microbusinesses through job creation and fortification of earning power. They offer a variety of training programs. Trevino 415 Pte. Edificio Bisa Planta Baja




  • Agencia de Desarollo Economico Local de Morazan, El Salvador - This agency creates efficient, sustainable, and permanent financing for micro and small businesses in urban and rural Morazan. They require that all clients attend business development training. They also offer training in accounting. Barrio Las Flores, Calle Al Cementerio

    Dominican Republic



  • Banco Solidario (Banco Sol), Bolivia - This bank provides financial services to microentrepreneurs in Bolivia. Calle Nicolas Acosta 289 Plaza San Pedro

  • Centro ACCION Microempresarial, Colombia -

    Carrera 34, No. 91-23

    Bogota, Colombia

  • Centro de Apoyo a la Microempresa, El Salvador - This center diminishes poverty in El Salvador by providing financial support, empowerment, and technical assistance to families with limited economic resources, who own small businesses or wish to start one. They require all clients to open a savings account within their communal bank. 85 Av. Nte y 15 C. Pte.


  • Centro de Participacion Popular, Uruguay - This small center has a credit program that is based on a graoup and individual lending program. Soriano 826 of. 4




  • Comite de Integracion y Reconstruccion para El Salvador (CIRES), El Salvador - CIRES is a small commitee that gives credit in the San Salvador area. They require that all clients save in a basic permanent fund. 12 C. pte. y 41 Av. Sur. No. 2137

  • Corporacion de Proyectos Comunales de El Salvador (PROCOMES), El Salvador - PROCOMES contributes to sustainable human develpment through community organizing, training, and credit. They require all clients to open a savings account and complete training before loan disbursal. Borrowers are members of the board of directors. Ciudad Satelite, Calle Jupiter

  • Credisol, Peru - All first time borrowers of Credisol are below the national poverty line. The credit program of Credisol is based on a lending model of individual and solidarity groups. Av. Ejercito Nro. 303



  • Credito con Educacion Rural (CRECER), Bolivia - The primary goal of this group is to provide financial and educational services, primarily to women. These services focus on enhancing the food security and well-being of the family. CRECER requires that all clients save 10% of the total amount of their loan. Training in microenterprise development, village banking management, health, nutrition, and family planning is required. Avenida 6 de Agosto No. 2460

    La Paz




  • Diocese of Latacunga, Ecuador - This group improves the living standards of the poorest families of Cotopaxi. They require all clients to save at least 12 percent of the amount of their loan. Training in maternal-child health practices, such as monitoring growth, vaccinations, diarrheal and respiratory infections, is obligatory for all clients. All community members must attend community meetings. Any borrower may become a member of the community board through an election process. All of the borrowers are women. Sanchez de Orellana 7063 and General Maldonado St.



  • Finaciera Calpia, S.A. El Salvador - This finance group facilitates the integration of the social and economic sectors into the formal financial system, placing special emphasis on the rural and urban microenterprise sector. 37 Avenida Sur No.2

    El Salvador



  • FinComun, Servicios Financieros Comunitarios, Mexico - This financial services group gives credit to the area of suburban Mexico City. Clients are encouraged to open savings accounts, and they also have access to training in microbusiness marketing and cost control. Avenida Coyoacan, 1843



  • FINCA Ecuador - FINCA supports the socioeconomic development of poor families through credit and technical assistance to communal banks formed by microbusiness women. They do not have an obligatory savings requirement, but each client is issued a savings account. Training and education programs are available to all clients. All FINCA borrowers are women. 10 de Agosto 5070 y N.N.U.U.




  • FINCA Honduras - FINCA pledges itself to improving the quality of life of people with limited economic resources. They require that borrowers attend training courses in small business administration, and that borrowers save at least 20% of each loan. Various forms of technical training are also available. Col. Ruben Dario




  • FINCA Nicaragua - FINCA provides development assistance to extremely poor women. It requires all clients to save 20% of each loan. There is obligatory training in small business management. Voluntary family planning education is also available. De la Shell Plaza el Sol 1c Sur



  • FONDECAP-CUSCO, Peru - This organization builds markets in rural areas that will help clients develop their capacities. FONDECAP provides voluntary literacy training. Calle Saphy 808




  • Fondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio - This foundation's objective is to free marginalized groups in rural Ecuador. They require all their clients, who are only women, to attend training in community businesses formation. 100% of their first time borrowers are in the bottom

    50% of those living below the national poverty line. Mallorca 427 Y Coruna

    Quito, Pichincha 17-110-5202



  • Fundacion para el Apoyo a la Microempresa (FAMA), Nicaragua - FAMA reaches the poorest people through credit and training. Voluntary technical training and literacy programs are available to all clients. De Montoya 3 1/2 cu. Abajo


  • Fundacion Augusto C. Sandino (FACS), Nicaragua - FACS helps their borrowers become the beneficiaries of development. It does not have an obligatory savings requirement, but voluntary savings are encouraged. Clients are required to attend a course in basic credit management. Semaforos TELCOR Villa Fontana




  • Fundacion Integral Comunitaria, Mexico - This foundation promotes development alternatives for women with few resources. Its first time borrowers are all women that are living in the bottom 50% below the poverty line. It requires each client to save at least 20% of each loan. Each borrower must attend four weekly meetings before receiving her first loan. Baluarte No. 12; Centro Cuantla, Morelos 627




  • Fundacion Mario Santo Domingo, Colombia - This foundation targets only those borrowers that are in the bottom 50% of those living below the national poverty line. 100 percent of first-time borrowers are living at this level. Carrera 45 No.34-01, Piso 2




  • Fundacion MCCH, Coordinacion Fondo Solidario, Ecuador - This foundation promotes cooperative and solidarity savings within the community. They do not have an obligatory savings requirement, but clients are encouraged to save in a solidarity fund. Frente Estadio del Aucas




  • Fundacion Paraguaya de Cooperacion y Desarollo (FUPACODE) - This foundation gives credit to the poor living in central Paraguay. Manuel Blinder No. 5589 e/Tte Espinoza

    Bo. Los Laureles, Asuncion



  • Fundacion para la Promocion y Desarollo de la Microempresa (PRODEM), Bolivia - also known as the The Foundation for the Development of the Microenterprise Sector. PRODEM is responsible for developing microcredit operations in urban and rural areas. Almirante Grau No.625



  • Fundacion REDES, EL Salvador - This foundation focuses on improving the quality of life of their borrowers. They require clients to attend training in loan administration, basic acounting, production, administration, and marketing. Literacy training is available, and voluntary savings is encouraged. Calle Cerro Verde y Av. Tecana #3028

  • Fundacion Salvadorena de Apoyo Integral (FUDAD), El Salvador - FUDAD assists the sectors of the population who do not have access to formal banks. They provide voluntary training in business assessment. Calle Nueva No. 1, Casa No. 3733


  • Fundacion Tazumal, El Salvador - This foundation contributes to the economic empowerment of thirty percent of the women in the rural areas of El Salvador. Col. Malafa, Edificio B




  • GENESIS Empresarial, Guatemala - This group offers credit assistance, training, and management counseling to promote micro and small businesses located in urban and marginalized areas of Guatemala. All clients must attend management counseling before and after receiving a loan. 5a. Avenidida A 13-51, Zona 9




  • INSOTEC, Ecuador - This group provides credit, as well as, general business training and other client services. Juan Leon Mera 920 y Wilson


  • Mercy Corps International (Honduras Program) - This group helps the poor and oppressed build secure, productive, and just communities through increased access to economic opportunity and civil society. In addition to loans for self employment, housing loans are available. Mercy Corps requires that all clients attend an orientation to the loan process and program. Training is available in business administration, accounting, marketing, legal training, and textile production. 3030 SW First Ave.

    Portland, OR 97210




  • Microbank - This organization is committed to provide education, training and financial facilities to poor people willing to develop legal and autonomous micro-activities in Brazil. Microbank is a non profit organization working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a view to develop and implement a micro-banking concept focused on a social perspective, combining education, training and financing. Rua do Ouvidor, 161/508- Centro

    20.040-030- Rio de Janeiro- Brazil

  • Mujeres en Desarollo Dominicana (MUDE), Dominican Republic - MUDE brings social and economic development to poor rural women to better their quality of life. 100% of the borrowers are women. Leopoldo Navarro No. 61

    Edif. San Rafael, #6 Piso

    Santo Domingo

    Dominican Republic



  • National Research and Development Foundation, West Indies - This foundation provides loans, training, and consultancy services to micro and small entrepreneurs. In addition to loans for self-employment, housing loans are available. They require that clients attend training throughout their loan term. Training is also available in accounting and entrepreneurship. P.O. Box 3067

    La Clergy Castries, St. Lucia


  • The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc. (Project Hope) - This foundation provides the opportunity for women to earn income that they can use to better the health of their families. This project is only accessible to women, and it serves the areas of Honduras and Ecuador. It requires that its clients save 10% of each loan. Health education is obligatory for all clients. Business education seminars are also available. Carter Hall



  • PROCOOFES, Panama - PROCOOFES establishes a sustainable rural financial system for the benefit of the poor. It requires all clients to save 5% of their original loan. Continuous training is available for borrowers. Edif. Maglione, Planta Alta Ave.


  • Universidad Don Bosco-Promipe (PROMIPE), El Salvador - PROMIPE gives credit in the area of San Salvador and Soyapango. Ciudadela Don Bosco

    El Salvador



  • Widar Empreendimentos para O Fluir Saudavel do Dinheiro, Brazil - This organization provides credit and consulting to individuals without bank credit, for social and ecological purposes. In addition to loans for self employment, educational loans for students are available. Rua Joaquim Floriano, 871

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