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Although access to financial services in India has improved along with the economic growth in recent years, almost half of the country’s population still lacks access to affordably priced and conveniently accessible financial services. We are working with institutions in a variety of ways to expand access to these critical services.


Accion works with two microfinance institutions Mumbai-based Swadhaar FinServe and Patna-based Saija Finance and provides support to the development of the whole microfinance industry in India as well. Through our Global Training Center, based in Bangalore, Accion is training the next generation of microfinance professionals to

deliver industry best practices. And by bringing our successful "Dialogue on Business" training program for microentrepreneurs from Latin America to India, Accion is helping to ensure that consumers of microfinance in India are informed, empowered and therefore well positioned to maintain and expand their businesses in a sustainable way.

Through our impact investing initiatives, Venture Lab and Frontier Investments Group, Accion has invested in companies that work to expand healthcare, housing and education to middle and lower income individuals in India.

We work in a variety of areas in India:

Microfinance Services

Impact Investing

Client Education

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