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Professor Ronald T. Chua is on the core faculty of the Institute. Since 2004, Prof. Chua has been the Academic Champion of the Microfinance in MBA Project (MF in MBA), an initiative funded by the Microfinance Management Institute (MFMI). He has been involved in the microfinance sector in various capacities since 1992. Aside from being an academic champion, his roles in the sector have included being a practitioner, a board member, a researcher, a policy and industry advocate, a trainer, workshop facilitator, educator, and consultant.

As academic champion, Prof. Chua coordinated a team of AIM researchers and faculty members in developing and piloting five MFI management short courses-- namely Strategic Management, Managing Growth, Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid, Managing Costs and Profits and Management Control Systems, and Strategic Human Resource Management. The team developed over 100 teaching cases and learning materials for the MFI sector, a number of which were used in the MFI management short courses. Piloting of courses was done in collaboration with the Mindanao Microfinance Council. The pilot run of the Master in Entrepreneurship in Social Development (MESODEV) – Microfinance track in AIM was also launched under the MF in MBA project.

Under the stewardship of Prof. Chua, the MF in MBA project team collaborated with the PCFC/UNDP in producing the publication “Delivering to the Poor – The Search for Successful Practices in Philippine Microfinance”. The team also collaborated with the Microfinance Council of the Philippines in research on microfinance in hard to reach areas and micro-agri.

In addition, the project team implemented the Citibank-AIM Microfinance Managers Training and Accreditation Program (Citi-AIM MTAP). Under this project, trainors’ training and course roll-out were done for three courses for microfinance managers developed by Citibank – Management Development Program, Quality Training, and Credit and Risk Management. Trainers came from over 13

countries in the Asia and Pacific. The trainors’ training courses were conducted by a team of Citibank trainers and AIM faculty members.

Prof. Chua is currently the curriculum development director of the Microfinance Management Institute (MFMI), a joint venture of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) and Open Society Institute. The MFMI, which aims to advocate for more meaningful, collaborative, and sustainable capacity building efforts for MFIs, has facilitated the formation of a global network of MFI capacity building institutions (academics, training institutions, MFI training centers) presently consisting of over 60 members from over 20 countries. A certified CGAP trainer who has taught in CGAP’s microfinance course for donors and at the Boulder course, Prof. Chua has likewise co-designed and co-facilitated regional and national capacity building institutions’ workshops in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, and most recently, Mexico.

Prof. Chua is also currently the Lead Convenor of the Capacity Building Working Group of the PinoyME, a social consortium committed to supporting Philippine MFIs expand their outreach and deepen their impact. A key initiative of the PinoyME Capacity Building Working Group is the development of a ladderized and dual training system for loan officers, supervisors, and branch managers that will require academe-MFI industry collaboration.

From 1992-1995, he was Managing Director of the Center for Community Transformation during its start-up years, and Vice President of the MFI network Alliance for Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development. He was board member of PUNLA (a Philippine-based MFI capacity building organization) and is currently on the board of the People’s Credit and Finance Corporation and the Center for Community Transformation. During the same period, he was also actively involved in the Philippine microfinance standards project as a member of the working group of Coalition for Microfinance Standards. The coalition was the predecessor of the Microfinance Council of the Philippines.

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