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Microfinance meaning in hindi

microfinance meaning in hindi

We will have standardised processes as this will enable us to reach out to the most customers cost effectively. We will foster innovation but in a way that ensures consistent quality.

SKS has its own anthem titled “Udhte Jaayen, Badhte Jaayen” (meaning “flying on, marching ahead” in Hindi) aimed at motivating staff across SKS. Composed by Euphoria, a popular Indian band, the SKS anthem is energetic and positive in tone.

Between 1998 and 2009, SKS Microfinance had a logo that was distinctive and easy to identify. It included a visual of a group of five women, which is core to our business. The visual was enclosed within two concentric circles in blue with Swayam Krishi Sangam (the full form of SKS) written in Telugu.

In 2009, four years after it had transformed into an NBFC (SKS Microfinance Limited became an NBFC on January 20, 2005, NBFC-MFI on November 18, 2013) and had built a sound track

record for scaling microfinance using a for-profit model, the Company decided to redefine its brand imagery to reflect its new personality. With its presence in multiple states across India and products and services that went far beyond the basic income-generating loan, there was a need to reflect the new character of the company through this image.

The new SKS logo retains the group of five women which continues to be the core of our business. The colour palette used reflects the vibrant spirit of the company, which has in recent years set new benchmarks for growth and scalability. The cheerful indigo blue reflects the positive impact that an SKS financial product has on its members. It also aptly represents speed, which is the one quality strongly associated with the company. The somber grey signifies the seriousness of our intent and our commitment to fulfill the needs of our customers and our stakeholders in order to create an organisation that excels even as it serves.

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