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Oct. 29, 2013

Microloans, born of anti-poverty efforts in developing countries, are attracting thousands of American clients who do not qualify for credit cards or traditional bank loans; data shows microloans in United States yield significant increases in income and create jobs. MORE

Apr. 14, 2013

Nicole LaPorte Prototype column; Watsi is start-up crowdfunding Website founded by former Peace Corps volunteer Chase Adam; people donate as little as $5 toward medical treatment needed by patients in third-world countries; site is aiming for transparency in treatment, as well as its finances. MORE

Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company, and his employees have teamed up with microlender Accion to hold 'speed coaching' sessions for fledgling food, beverage and hospitality businesses; company has committed $1.4 million to finance loans of $5,000 to

$7,000, in one element of program to help small businesses. MORE

Bob Harris, who has been writer, radio commentator, comic and game-show contestant, has written book, The International Bank of Bob, on his experience with microfinance. MORE

Jul. 5, 2012

Nicholas D Kristof Op-Ed column describes a poor farming family in Malawi that was able to reverse its financial fortune through a local savings and loan program; contends that structured saving and entrepreneurship, even on a very small scale, can change lives and disrupt the self-destructive habits of poverty. MORE

Accion East, an arm of nonprofit microlender Accion International, is helping keep many small New York City start-up businesses afloat; organization specializes in small loans to entrepreneurs who have not been in business long. MORE

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