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ACCION New Mexico · Arizona · Colorado

Accion New Mexico · Arizona   · Colorado   (Accion) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that increases access to business credit, makes loans and provides training to enable entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and be catalysts for positive economic and social change.  We offer loans between $200 and $300,000 along with training and other support services to those who want to start or expand a small business.  Founded in Albuquerque in 1994, Accion has issued 5,964 microloans totaling more than $41.9 million to support the start-up or growth of 3,795 microenterprises in 303 communities in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.  In late 2008, Accion extended its services to entrepreneurs throughout Colorado.  Since then, the organization has provided over 407 loans totaling more than $4.2 million to some 343 small businesses in 67 communities across the state.  Accion’s work is creating tangible economic impact in Colorado, with an estimated 565 jobs created or sustained by the organization’s client businesses.

Adelante Foundation

Since 1999, Adelante has provided small loans to very poor women so they can start and grow their own small business. Over time, the women use their profits to buy better food for their families; improve their homes; buy medicine when necessary; send children school; and plan and save for the future. In addition to providing credit, Adelante also provides business, health and human rights education. The business education helps borrowers, who have an average fourth-grade education, learn the skills necessary to make their business successful. The health education provides

vital, but difficult to find, basic health information for the whole family.

Colorado Enterprise Fund

  The Colorado Enterprise Fund was founded in 1976 as a non-profit lending source specializing in loans up to $250,000 to support small business. Many small businesses that are not able to receive traditional bank financing can get support through CEF. By offering loans, guidance, training, and resources to small and emerging businesses, CEF is an important conduit to local community vitality and economic development in Colorado.

Friendship Bridge

Friendship Bridge is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that provides microcredit and non-formal educational programs to Guatemalan women. Friendship Bridge believes that when offered microcredit, education and encouragement, women embrace the hand-up they desire to make a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

Hope International

HOPE International is a Christian faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that alleviates the many dimensions of poverty through the provision of microenterprise development services—microloans, savings services, and business training—to over 300,000 entrepreneurs in 14 of the poorest, least-served countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean.

Results International

 Our vision is of a world where the devastating impacts of poverty no longer cripple the ability of individuals and families to sustain themselves and contribute their talents to the world in which they live — where all people have a fair chance at success. But it takes citizens pressuring their leaders for effective anti-poverty programs to receive the attention, policies, and funding they need.

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