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General Information and Resources

MIX Market provides financial and social performance data on Microfinance Institutions across the globe.

World Bank provides FINDEX reports on the world’s poor and unbanked and eradicating extreme poverty by 2030.

CGAP (t he Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) is a global partnership of 34 leading organizations that seek to advance financial inclusion through research and engagement.

Microfinance Transparency  focused on advocating transparent and balanced pricing in microfinance.

SEEP Network is a global network of international practitioner organizations dedicated to combating poverty through promoting inclusive markets and financial systems.

Microcredit Summit  provides international actions plans and reports on the state of microcredit in the world.

European Microfinance Network promotes microfinance in Europe to raise awareness and build regulatory frameworks.

Asian Development Bank goal is to reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific through grants, loans and technical assistance.

Microfinance Investment Vehicles: Surveys

Symbiotics 2015 MIV Survey Report . In this 9th edition,market is estimated USD 10.4 billion of assets under management (as of December 2014). European asset managers continue to represent nearly 70% of the market share (with Switzerland and Netherlands in the lead).  In terms of MIV country allocation,  Cambodia  leads (8%), followed by  India (6.9%) and  Azerbaijan  (6.5%).

Symbiotics 2014 MIV Survey Report . The 8th edition compiles information from 80 Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIV) representing 94% of total market asset base. Of these, 48 are fixed income funds, 17 are mixed income funds, and 15 are equity funds. Total MIV assets under management stood at USD 9.9 billion as of December 2013.

Symbiotics 2013 MIV Survey Report .  A total of

111 MIVs were identified with investment funds estimated to have reach US$8.7 billion, growing by 19% in 2012.  Investments continue to flow primarily into Latin America and Central Europe and Central Asia, although investments in Africa and Asia are growing rapidly.

The State of Microfinance Investments 2013 .  92 MIVs, out of a total 102 contacted participated, representing USD$8.1 billion of a total estimated USD $8.5 billion in total global assets under management.

Symbiotics 2012 MIV Survey Report .  Out of 99 MIVs, 72 responded to the survey. Total assets under management was US$ 6.773 billion.

Access Africa Fund . a for-profit limited liability company, has become the first US-based microfinance investment vehicle (MIV) to obtain the “Microfinance Label” from the Luxembourg Fund Labeling Agency.  The fund was formed by CARE and managed by MicroVest.

Symbiotics 2011 MIV Survey Report .   Out of 102 MIVs, 70 responded to the survey, totaling $5.9 billion in assets.  Current Microfinance Investment Vehicles market is estimated at total assets under management at USD 6.8 billion; the lowest  growth rate since 2007.

2010 Survey Results of Microfinance Investment Funds .   Presenting market data and peer group analysis, including key data, investment analysis and benchmarks from 73 Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIVs).

2009 CGAP’s MIV Survey Steady Performance .  This report analyzes financial performance, data and benchmarks of 80 MIVs with combined assets of USD 6.1 billion, as of December 2008.

2008 CGAP MIV Survey Showing High Growth and Improving Returns for Microfinance Funds . Performance and benchmarks of 91 MIVs, with assets under management of USD 5.4 billion, as of December 2007, are reviewed in this report.

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