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Microfinance and Technology

On Sunday, April 22nd join the Los Angeles Microfinance Network in welcoming two of the most reputable members of the burgeoning Microfinance world to speak on how Technology is continuously shaping their industry.

Date. Sunday April 22nd

Time. 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Jolkona is a non-profit that provides a technology platform that makes it easy for you to give directly to low-cost, high-impact philanthropic opportunities around the world. They work with carefully chosen partner organizations to create affordable donation options with a measurable impact, from planting trees in Honduras to providing food and housing for an HIV-positive child in Cambodia. Today they have over 150 micro-giving opportunities in over 40 countries around the world and send100% to the projects of your choice.

Unlike most nonprofits, at Jolkona, the giving experience starts after the donation is made. They work with their partners to honor your donation by providing proof of impact (such as a picture, a video or a story) for every donation through their web-platform.  You can check on the progress of your latest gift and keep track of past donations, so you’ll know the impact you’ve made. You can also see the total impact of donations from the entire Jolkona Community.

InVenture aims to create a fair and open financial services market by providing credit-scores for low-income and unbanked populations through a simple mobile technology-enabled platform called InSight.

Currently, in India alone there are 66MM low-income business owners and individuals who have an economic output of over $1Billion but lack access to formal lending institutions and lack a credit score. Due to a lack of imperfect information on these individuals – banks are unwilling and in some ways unable to lend to these


InSight is a simple accounting tool that works through SMS to help low-income individuals and business owners perform daily accounting and cash-mangaement. InVenture teaches these individuals financial literacy and provides valuable on-demand cash-flow reports to help individuals better manage their money.

InVenture compiles data collected from InSight intocredit scores and shares this information with lending institutions to help individuals qualify and access affordable financial services tailored to their needs (i.e. home loans, personal loans, etc.). InVenture enables individuals to become better equipped to grow their business, manage cash-flow and increase their level of financial literacy – providing them an opportunity to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

Adlai Wertman spent seven years as President and CEO of Chrysalis, the only non-profit in Los Angeles devoted solely to helping homeless change their lives through employment. As part of its award-winning program, Chrysalis ran one of the larger social enterprises in the country – Chrysalis Enterprises – with annual revenues over $4.5 million and employing nearly 1,000 clients each year. Prior to Chrysalis, Professor Wertman spent 18 years as Managing Director and Manager of Prudential Securities’ West Coast Public Investment Banking Group. Adlai is an Advisory Board Member of the Global Health Institute and the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) and a Trustee of the Jewish Community Foundation. He has also served as a Commissioner of the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Fund. He has taught non-profit management at UCLA, and is a Senior Fellow at the UCLA School of Public Affairs and a Wexner Heritage Fellow. Professor Wertman consults with not-for-profits and government groups on fundraising, strategic planning, and governance, and is a frequent speaker on social responsibility, social enterprise and public/private partnerships.

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